Christmas Wreaths
Several years ago, a friend was going to throw away this red fabric-covered box (it contained cosmetics), but I just had to have it (for some unknown reason). 

I also had a Christmas wreath stashed away with the thought that I'd do a scene in a cheese round in it one day.  When that "day" arrived, I discovered the cheese round was much too large to fit into the wreath.  But, WOW, the red fabric box was the perfect size.

My husband said the fabric-covered lid would be perfect to hold a plexiglass cover in place.  He cut a circle out of the lid and I folded down the fabric over the raw edge.  He was right -- it was perfect.  I wrapped Christmas lights around the wreath and inserted one light through the top of the box to use as a ceiling light.  The fixture is the plastic cap of a wine bottle. (OK, so now you know I'm not a wine connoisseur.)

In 1997 I bought the Hallmark mouse ornaments.  When I was working on this wreath room, I thought the mice family would have their own little Christmas room under the floorboards of Santa's room.  So, there they are, decorating their own little tree.  Of course, they have to put up with their sloping floor.  The bottom pictures shows the fireplace with their stockings hung.
I found the fireplace at a "miniatures only" garage sale, unfinished, for $1.00.  What a deal!  The fireplace flames were made by finding some fire scenes online and downloading the pictures.  One "fire" is glued to inside of the fireplace, and the other flames are glued onto the wood in the fireplace.  I copied this idea from Fern on an online digest.  Thanks, Fern.  The candlesticks were gifts from my friend, Barbara.  I made the Christmas wreath for over the fireplace.
The tree is an inexpensive tree that originally had a square wooden block as the base.  My husband "turned" the new base.  The little bead tree-top angel was made from instructions by GJs in the 25th anniversary NAME Gazette.  The Christmas tree skirt and stockings are cross-stitched and adapted from a pattern book, "Christmas for Miniatures" by Lynne Warfield.  The rug is needlepoint from a pattern by The Country Cricket.
The fireplace with the stockings hanging in place.The snowman table was a gift from my friend, Frannie.  In addition to the cup of coffee, there is a little plate of Christmas cookies on the table.  I've collected Santa ornaments for several years and this little Santa was purchased thru the mail order "Current" company and he is the perfect size for this small scene.  He is busy checking his list.
Here is the wreath scene with everything in place.  One picture shows the scene with the lights on.
My haircutter, Rick Voelkerding fell in love with my Christmas Wreath and kept saying he wanted it, so for Christmas 2009 I made him his own so he doesn't have to covet my Christmas Wreath anymore.  His hatbox was a bit larger than mine so I had room to make the mice's floor straight and put more furniture in it.  The little mice a decorating the tree and a few mice have ornament and a star in their paws.
The picture on the left show the hatbox with the cover in place, and the picture on the right shows it without.