My Needlework Shop
I started working on my needlework shop in January of 2010.  I bought the container from a gal at a miniatures only garage sale for $10.  What a deal!  My husband lit it with LEDs.  There are 12 lights, 4 rows of 3 lights each (you can see the first row of the in the picture below).    The rug on the floor was charted by a friend from Petitpointers online group (thanks, Tamra) from an old X-acto kit. 
The small piece hanging on the chair arm was from an online swap (sorry I don't remember who it was).  The purse hanging on the other chair arm is a pattern from Bobbie Schoonmaker, as is the fall scene pillow.  The little sampler under the chair was from a life size cross-stitch pattern than I did on 40 count linen.
The floss in the basket and the house pillow on the floor under the bell pull was a gift at the NAME Convention in Indianapolis from Peggy Meyers.  The bell pull on the right wall is a pattern from a cross stitch leaflet by June Grigg.
The Halloween sweater, hat and gloves I purchased an an auction at our St. Louis miniature show.  The white child's hat and gloves were a gift form Kay O'Brien.  The Mr & Mrs. Claus was from a pattern by Mary Burres.  The crochet doiles in the center of the table were a gift from Laura Kuehl, a daughter of a friend of mine.
The stockings are all patterns by Missy Bolen.  The bargello cat and the bunny are from a critter challenge on Petitpointers, an online digest.   The cat pillow is a pattern by Shelly Hawley-Yan.
All the crocheted pieces hanging on the walls were made by Laura Kuehl.  She had used them on note cards.  I took the pieces off the note cards and put them in the needlework shop.  They are beautiful.  The small sampler next to the rug is from a chart by Annelle Ferguson.
The rug hanging on the center back is the Flower Trellis rug from Venus Dodge's book.  The chart had omitted the design in the outer central design, but I added the design following the picture in the book, sort of.  The sampler in front of the mannequin is from a real size cross stitch pattern that I did on 40 count linen.
The pillows are patterns from Shelly Hawley-Yan, Missy Bolen, Janet Granger, Mary Burres, Bobbie Schoonmaker, Nicole Mascall, Felicity Price, the small pillow with a snowman on the top shelf is a real size pattern from Prairie Schooler.  The sampler on top of the corner cabinet is a chart by Annelle Ferguson.
The Westie pillow is from a real size rug kit from Hershnerrs that I adapted onto silk gauze (we have a Westie).  The stockings are charts from Missy Bolen.  The snowmen pillow is from a chart by Mary Burres.  I added these pictures after I stitched the Russian Doll and the footstool.