2005 Pictures - September/October
Kira & Jade's Metrolink Trip Downtown
Getting tickets.
On the train.
View of the Arch.
Touring Union Station.
September - Labor Day & Laura's Visit
Party at the Park
Party at Zerb's
Laura & Ziggy (Tony & Carla's new puppy).
Kathy & the girls.
Carla & Olivia.
The Kid Trio.
The Kid Trio + Ziggy.
Jess & Laura.
Kathy, Len & Judy
Judy, Len & Tony
September - Carla's Birthday
Tony & Kira celebrated their October birthdays on October 30, to see pictures, visit Kira's & Tony's Birthday Party.
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October - Visit to Pumpkinland
The kids at the Measuring Pumpkin.
After they picked up their pumpkins!
Taking the wagon ride!
Petting the donkey.
Olivia's first visit to Pumpkinland.
Kathryn & the Horse Swing.
Jaden on the swinging bridge.
The scary spider slide.
Jaden's turn on the horse swing.
Kira & Jaden in the big tire swing.
The girls on the glider.
Kathryn braves the BIG slide.
The fearless quartet on the tire-go-around.
Climbing the straw castle.
Kira at the castle top.
Kira & Jaden with their pumpkins and the crows.
2005 Photos - November & December