2007 Pictures - Continued - Page 2
Kathryn's 5th Birthday Party
Kathryn's party was a Surprise Party.  So, the birthday cake had to have a butterfly.
Aunt Sally & Jessica decorating butterfly masks for everyone.
Everyone wore Butterfly headbands or antenna.
Kids making candy bracelets.
The cat even joined the party!
A brand new baby was evem invited!  But, she slept thru the fun.
Blowing Out Candles!
May - Mother's Day
All the Moms!
Jaden fell off his bike!  Ouch!
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October - Laura's Visit & Visit to Pumpkinland
Time to Open Gifts!
We celebrated Carla's birthday - late, while Laura was home!
Laura & Penny on our new couch!
We were lucky!  When we arrived we were the first ones there!
To see pictures of Tony, Carla & kids visit to Disney World.
And a Fun Time was had by all!
October pictures of Penny pup!
After Pumpkinland, we made a trip to the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis!
More October Pictures!