Laura brought Brandon to meet us over Memorial Day weekend.  We had a party planned on Sunday to celebrate the May birthdays, our 50th anniversary, and Brandon & Laura's baby BOY.
Memorial Day
Laura & Brandon were going out with Friends Saturday night.  So, I took their picture before they left.
We celebrated my sister's 90th birthday, our 50th wedding anniversary, Joe's 71st birthday, Rebecca's 20th birthday and Jessica's 17th birthday and Laura's & Brandon's Baby BOY!  (Can you see the little baby on the cake?)  Julie brought a cookie "cake" for the birthdays.
Carla & Tony BBQed and had a wonderful dinner to celebrate!
Jaden dressed as Harry Potter.
Julie holding the Kathryn's name Grandpa Z made.
Olivia putting together the puzzle with her face on it that Grandpa Z. made.
Everyone gathering around to blow out their candles.  Happy Birthdays, Happy Anniversary & Happy Baby BOY!
Zerbolio family without the little kiddos.
Zerbolio family with the little kiddos.
Even Ziggy had a good time.
Tuesday - When Brandon & Laura were going to airport.
The kids gave us a copy of our wedding picture in this beautiful silver frame.
Laura:  In July