October 2009 - Halloween
Laura brought Shane to St. Louis to celebrate his October birthday with his Zerbolio family and friends.  Shane's birthday was the 27th, Kira's was the 28th, and Tony's was on Halloween.  On Halloween, we went to Tony & Carla's so the children could trick or treat together.  Dan, Julie, Kathryn & Olivia were there, too.  Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera, so I "stole" these from Tony's website.

On Sunday, everyone came over to celebrate the October birthdays. 
I made a Baby Einstein cake for Shane, a cheesepie for Tony and Kira wanted an ice cream cake from DQ.
A fun time was had by all!
Laura, Shane and I ran some errands on Monday and had lunch out.  He is such a GOOD little guy.  Always smiling, seldom crying!
While Laura was at the dentist on Monday, Shane and Penny played outside!
Their plane left at 6:00 a.m. and we had to get up EARLY to get them to the airport on time.