I purchased this house kit from Suzanne & Andrew at the 2013 Chicago International miniature show.  My husband put LED light strips along the top back edge of each room.  I love the lighting in this wee house.  Here is a picture of the front of the house with the lights on.
Here are pictures of he landscaping on the front of the house.
Here are pictures of the left side of the house lawn.
Here are pictures of the right side of the house lawn.
Here are pictures of the inside of the house beginning with the dining room through the front door.
The pictures in the dining room are our wedding picture, pictures of my son and daughter-in-law and my daughter.

I petitpointed all the rugs in this house.  Here is the dining room rug.  Except the kitchen rug, they are all patterns from Ann-Caron Betzen:   http://www.btz.se/minis/index.php
Here is the living room beginning with the view from the outside window.
I stitched the cushions on the sofa and the chair, along with the rug.
Here are pictures of the kitchen, beginning with the view from the window.  This is the clearest view of the hutch in the kitchen. 
The sink has dishwater with bubbles.  The shelf with the tea set is a kit from True2Scale:  http://www.true2scale.com/ 
Looks like I need to paint the cat's tail.
The rug in the kichen is from the Petitpointers yahoo website.  If you'd like to join this group, go to  https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Petitpointers/info
Here are pictures of the bathroom, starting with the view inside from the window.
Here are the pictures of the bedroom, beginning with the view from the window.
The hutch is a kit from BJ Miniatures.  It was a 1/4" kit reduced from the 1" instructions that were in Miniature Collector.  I love it. 
I have pictures of my three grandchildren in the bedroom.  Kira & Jaden are in the back of the room, and Shane is on the night table in the front of the room. 
I used the same pattern for the bedroom rug as one of the rugs in the bathroom.