This is a long view of the kitchen.  I love these appliances, so my kitchen had to be this era, even though there is a computer in the study.  There is ravioli and sauce cooking on the stove (Kitchen Captive) and a pizza in the oven.  There is a salad being made on the cabinet counter, and a broken egg on the floor (must be a Caesar salad).  The dog represents two Schauzers we have owned, Nickel & Sparkle.  We have never had a white cat, but over the years, we have had 7 cats of various breeds.
A view of the left side of the kitchen.  On the back burner of the stove is a glass percolator my husband brought from Chicago many years ago.
The right side of the kitchen.  We have a bay window in the "real" kitchen and I wanted to have one in my dollhouse.  The hanging plant is a preserved real plant (I don't know what it is) and hung in a crocheted holder.  The beautiful cake is by Diminutive Delectibles by Mary.  The placemants, napkin rings, and napkins were sent in a swap by an AOL member (sorry I don't remember her name).

The plant on the small cabinet is an aloe vera made by my friend, Mary Ellis.  I have a "thing" for mixing bowls.  There are several more sitting on the top of the kitchen cabinet.  Since I took this picture, I added the little painted birdhouse above the cabinet (shown in the  below picture).
I'm using the painted birdhouse as a holder for keys.  It was a gift from a friend, Barb Heinzen.