2nd Floor Hall & Bathroom
2nd floor hall.  The door to the left goes into the nursery.  My husband made all the doors for the dollhouse and there were "pre-hung" in the frame and then the frame put into the opening for the door.  The pictures to the right of the nursery are of lifelong friends.  The children are the same age as our children and they all grew up together, so they are included here.  The master bedroom is to the right on the other side of the staircase   The pottery vase holds dried Sweet William and  was a gift from my friend, Barb Heinzen.  The table holds a "brownie" camera and rolls of film.  The pictures are all of my husband, his twin sisters, parents, and grandparents.
I stitched this rug from a kit by Lucy Iducovich.  It is on 30 count silk gauze.
Bathroom on the 2nd floor.  The white thing on the right wall is a "wicker" shelf unit holding towels and bathroom necessities.