Girl's Bedroom
The chair was made in a class taught by Linda Weber.  The spool doll was a gift from Joanne Martin and the hand-painted heart pillow was an online class taught by Pam Scott.  The little teapot on the dresser has a tiny doll on a swing (see closeup below) and was a gift from Sherilyn Beem & Fran Gerardi.  I don't remember where I puchased the other two dolls on the dresser.  The passport sitting behind the teapot is because my daughter needed one when she traveled to Germany with her Junior HS Class.  I machine quilted the bedspread as a duplicate one real-size quilt I made my daughter.  The picture to the right of the window is of my daughter.  My dollhouse girl collects dolls, as did my daughter.  The Baby Crissey doll in the box by the bed was a necessity because my daughter had one (she cut off Crissey's long red hair  almost immediately).
I made the clothes hanging in the closet.  The dress hanging on the doorknob was a gift from a friend, Marian Oborsh.
I painted the inexpensive furniture to match the wallpaper.  The drawers in the chest holds tiny "unmentionables"  and another picture of my daughter hangs above the chest.  I made the Geisha doll to represent one in my daughter's collection.  The little drummer boy doll was a round table at the National in Kansas City.  I made most of the dolls in the cabinets (made by my husband) using a technique taught (once again) by Linda.  The doll in the lower right hand shelf is a "Little Kiddles" doll from the 60s.  The doll on the floor to the right is a tiny cornhusk doll.
The Raggedys and the table & chairs were a class taught by Mary Kneaves at the National in Kansas City.  The Raggedys on the bench were a roundtable.
Two views of the little girl's bedroom.  The rug was a needlepoint kit I stitched many years before I discovered petit point.  The little house sitting on the rug was  Christmas ornament I converted into a dollhouse for my dollhouse girl.  The close-up picture shown below includes the kitten I added later to represent our cat, Twinkle, who loves to get into my dollhouse.  I made the ruffled curtains in this room.  The bedspread and curtains matched ones in my daughter's room at the time I was creating the accessories for this room.  The bed was dressed in a class I took from Linda Weber.  The "baby doll" shoes by the side of the bed are by Doll's Cobbler.  The two books to the left of the dollhouse are readable.
The Betty Boop doll was made by Pat Boldt.  The doll in the center of the bed with the pink skirt was made by Jack Cashmere.  The doll at the bottom of the bed is a 3-faced doll by Sandra Manring.  The Kewpie doll is made by Pat Boldt.

This is an updated picture of the "Bed Dolls."  The doll in the white dress is a new addition.  Unfortunately, I don't recall the doll artist, but she is just so cute!
The Raggedys under the table were gifts.  The Ken & Barbie in the boxes were a Farrow project.  The dressup box under the window was a roundtable kit.
This is an updated picture.  The trunk is shown in the closet in the above pictures. I added the doll dresses made by Fran Gerardi.  The little doll to the right in the trunk and the the Kewpie doll are by Pat Boldt.
This is an updated picture showing a different doll in the chair.  I moved the spool doll to the floor, and I made the doll sitting in the chair.
This is an updated picture showing 2 new dolls sitting in front of the dresser.
This is a Jenny Lind doll, clothes and trunk that was a class taught by Pat Boldt.