Altoid Kitchens
The first Altoid container that I did was when NAME ran the instructions in the Miniature Gazette.  It turned out so nice that I thought about doing a kitchen in an Altoid container.  I did 3 of them:  one for me, one for my niece, Linda, in California and one for a sample for a class I taught.
This is the first one I made.  We used to have a Scottie and so I put a Scottie in it and used Mary Englbreit Scottie-themed things to finish it.
This next kitchen I made for my niece.  She has a Boxer and so I put a Boxer in it along with a cat on a chair to represent her cat.  
Since I gave the kitchen to my niece, I wanted another one for a sample for the class, so I made this one.  I didn't put ME decals on the outside of this one.