1/4" Scale Fabric Shop in Sewing Machine Frame
Several years ago I saw a scene in a sewing machine frame that had been made in a class.  A friend found a frame for me.  I finally got around to making it.  A couple of years ago, an online miniature digest, Little Enough News had a fabric swap.  I was able to use the fabric that I was sent to wrap the little bolts of fabric.
I printed off the thread wallpaper border for the little room.  The sewing maching, thread cabinet over the sewing machine, and the mannequin was a round table from National one year.  The little table to the left of the mannequin and the chair by the sewing maching was also a National round table.  I made the little seat cover for the chair, threaded thread onto the sewing machine and put the little fabric square under the needle.  The clock is from Bonnie Soucek.  The quilt cabinet was a round table by Donna Aldrich.
I don't recall who made the kits for the two cabinets show below.  The cabinet on the right is a quilt cabinet.  The quilt fabric came with the quilt cabinet shown above.  I rolled all the fabric bolts from the LEN fabric swap.  The quilt templates and the rotary cutter was purchased from Sylvian Hansen.
The scene below are shown both in the sewing maching frame and out of the frame, so you can see the wallpaper border.  I printed off the quilts that are on the walls.