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Dollhouse Christmas Decorations
Front Yard With The Christmas Trees & Decorations
Back Yard With Christmas Trees
Living Room Sitting Area With Decorations
Living Room Desk with Snowmen
Living Room Fireplace Area with Decorations
Tree - Kit from GJs
Beaded Treetop Angel & Ornaments GJ Kits
Santa Collection on Mantle
Believe it or not, this is a scene in a Chrysnbon teacup.  It was a Christmas swap and made by Kay O'Brien, a talented quarter-scale miniaturist.  The little cottage is a picture she cut out and put in the back of the teacup.  She made it without a magnifier.  I can't even see it without a magnifier. 
Tiny Dome (1-1/4" tall) Gift from a MO State Date Project (usually resides in basement craftroom during the year.
Fireplace with petitpoint stockings & Santa collection.
An updated photo showing petitpoint pillows on couch.