The doors are to unseen storage areas and the door in the middle to the right of the mattress is from the 3rd floor.  The mattress and pillows were made in a class taught by MaryPat Petites at the Gateway Miniature Fair.  The gramophone in the picture on the left was a kit from a show in Kansas City.  My husband made all the doors and trim in the attic.
The lovely hat on the hand stand was a gift from Sharilyn Beem and the other two hats I was "forced" to create by my friend, Pat Snowden at a mini club meeting.  The hat boxes were "cutouts" from one of the miniature magazines.  The center picture shows the newspaper on attic ceiling and the lights.  The picture on the right shows a hatbox full of stuff and a pair of The Doll's Cobbler high-button shoes.