ME Style Cottage - 1" Scale
This little cottage was a souvenir from the NAME National Convention in Louisville's College of Miniature Knowledge in 2003.  For a long time, it just sat while I wondered what I was going to do with it.  One day, at a local miniature shop, I saw 3 little porcelain pieces with cherries.  I just had to have them, and then I decided I had to make the cottage into ME style.  What??? Another ME-style miniature???  Yep, sure!

Then when I attended the show in Denver in the fall of 2004, the theme was ME.  I used a lot of the tote bag favors we received at this show.  Then I pulled out all the cherry desserts I'd collected for the past few years--violla--A ME Tea Room. 
The Welcome Sign came from an online swap.
The Welcome Mat came from the Denver show.
The bird feeder was made by my friend, Joanne Martin.  The birds on the railing are made by Barbara Ann Myer/MiniGems.
The inside was papered with ME cherry wallpaper and paper flooring.
The trim on the outside of the house and the porch and railings was all cut from the ME rose wallpaper.
I cut the picture of the girl on the upper wall from an ME calendar.
The plates on the shelf were purchased from Dorothy Hansen, and the Scottie was a tote bag favor in Denver.  The cherry cake on the bottom shelf of the bakers rack was a gift from the Denver show.
On the shelf above the window, the teapots on the left were gifts from the Denver show.  The yellow teapot was made by Barb Scott, Fifth Street Studio.  The black pitcher on the shelf was purchased.  The 3 porcelain pieces on the top shelf unit under the window were the pieces that started the whole thing.  The teapot on the second shelf was a gift from the Denver show.  I bought the plate and cup and saucer at the  Denver show.  All the other cherry plates and the bowl (which matches the pitcher on the shelf above the window) I bought from Laura Dubois/Minis 2 at a St. Louis show.
The picture on upper wall was cut from a ME calendar.  It says "Time for Tea."  I made the cherry wreath on the inside of the door.  The mat inside the front door was a gift from the Denver show.
The tea container on the left and the teapot on the right were both gifts from the Denver show.  The bookends and books were a gift from a friend, Juanita Sellers.
The placemats were a gift from the Denver show.  The teapot was a gift from a friend, Frannie Thies.  I bought the desserts and the tea in Denver.
Joanne Martin made the "cottage" punchneedle rug.  If you notice he plate on the shelf on the left wall (closeup below), one of the plates has the cottage design.