Mini Barn
At the end of May 2015, I went to the small scale Regional in Madison, WI.  The theme of the show was County Fair.  On Thursday, our project was a 1/4" scale barn.  Of course, I didn't finish it in WI, but a few days after I got home, my husband lit the barn and then I finished it.

I decided to make it an Antique Shop and used a lot of furniture from my stash and some tote bag favors we got in WI to fill the barn.
The Welcome Mat at the front door was a table gift made by Elaine Levine, the doll in the yellow was a table gift, the bench with the flowers and birdhouse I had in my stash.  I made the flower pot guy on the left corner of the barn from a roundtable kit from a few years ago.  I had the doll in the blue dress in my stash. The windmill was a gift at the Thursday night class.
The open side of the barn.  I bought the sheep and the chickens on the below picture from Barbara Ann Myers, MiniGems.
The closed side of the barn and the silo.  The trellis was in our tote bag, and the horse trough was a gift on Thursday night.
The scarecrow was a round table and I made the sunflowers in the Hospitality Room.  The flag on the side of the barn was in the tote bag.
The whole first floor.  The flag and the quilt on the right side were in the tote bag.  The picnic table was a gift on Thursday night.  The coffee urn on the table was in the tote bag.  The quilt on the bed in the left corner and the one on the chair (I made the chair in the Hospitality Room) in the right corner was in the tote bag.  The metal chair and the table under the quilt on the right wall was a table gift.  The other furniture I had in my stash.
The is a closeup of the left side of the Antique Shop.  The pillows on the bench on the left were table gifts from Elaine Levine at the NAME National.  They are hand-stitched as is the Welcome Mat by the front door.  The basket on the bench was in the tote bag.
There is a tiny purse sitting on the cabinet to the left of the door.  It was in the tote bag.  The wee spinning wheel was a table gift a couple of years ago.
This is the second floor of the barn.  I put the divider between the living room area and the bedroom using leftover pieces from the barn and the barn wallpaper.
The sink, stove and icebox was a class taught at the St. Louis show by Mary Banner and Ruth Hruban some years ago.  The rug, the apron hanging on the chair, the broom and the dustpan by the sink, the bowl on the sink, and the cookbook on the stove were things in the tote bag.  The red splatterware dishes I got at the Wednesday night County Fair.  The table was a class I took from Sally Manwell at the show.  The doll was a gift from Gayle Glausen.  She was wearing a County Fair banner, which I removed.
In the living room, the sofa, hassock and book on the sofa were in the tote bag.  The rocker and the tables were kits I had from Bruce & Judy Steinke.  The quilt hanging on the right wall was in the tote bag.  The lamp and the clock I had in my stash.  Elaine Levine stitched the Home Sweet picture on the left wall above the table.
The vanity and table were gifts I won at the Wednesday night County Fair.  The armoire with the dress and the bedside table I had in my stash.  The quilt hanging on the right wall, the rug were tote bag favors.  The bed was a kit that was in the tote bag.
The wagon wheels hanging on the right wall were included with the barn kit.
The attached shed has the tools (from True2Scale), flower pots and vegetables from the farm.  The baskets are from True2Scale holding the carrots and cauliflower are from Jan Be Nimble.  I've got 2 more baskets and I'm getting more veggies from Jan to fill them.  The tomatoes in the basket was a round table.  The baskets holding the potatoes and the green apples were in the tote bag.

This project was a lot of fun.  Plus, I got to use stuff from my stash of 1/4" goodies to fill it.