Mini Stitching
Rug from pattern of Janet Granger.  I changed the colors.
Rug from pattern of Janet Granger I made for the NAME auction in Louisville in July 2001.
Mini rug made for swap.
Sampler made for a friend.
Annelle Ferguson pattern  done on 40 count linen (on left), and her kit on the right
Rug from pattern by Janet Granger -- I made to donate to NAME for the 2003 fund-raising auction.  I changed the colors.
Annelle Ferguson's kit.
Annelle Ferguson's kit.
Annelle Ferguson's kit.
Annelle Ferguson's kit.
Annelle Ferguson's kit.
Gift - Jackie Favazza's
Original Design
Mini Rug - Online Convention Doorprize
11-1/4" x 6-3/4" Rug, 32 Count Silk Gauze
Lucy Iducovich Pattern

This rug was a chart from Bobbie of Micro-Stitchery stitched on 32 count silk gauze.
Slippers on 60 count silk gauze, pattern by Bobbie.
Heart pillows on 22 count cross stitch fabric--round tables from a NAME convention.
Lots more stitching project shown in the "My Minis" link in my various houses & roomboxes.
Cross stitch wallhanging made for mini club birthday gifts.
Cross stitch bellpull made for mini club birthday gifts.
Table gifts made for NAME Convention exchange.
Matching pillow.

The picture shows the finished rug with the chairs and settee.  There wasn't a pattern for the chairs or settee, so I used some motifs from the rug. 
Pillow made from pattern
for full size pillow.
Pillow made from kit
designed by Mary Bures (A Grand Scale)
Pillow made from kit
designed by Nicole Mascall
Pillow made from kit
designed by Nicole Mascall
Pillow made from kit
designed by Nicole Mascall
Tulip pillow design by Bobbie.
Two pillows on left and far right designed by Mary Bures, and the pillow in the middle by Missy Boling
Pillows made from a full-size Prairie Schooler pattern.
Rug made by pattern
by Anna-Carin Betzen
Rug made by kit by Lucy Iducovich
Rug made from a kit by Sharon Garmize
Rug made from a chart by Janet Patacca
Mr. & Mrs. Claus made from pattern by Mary Bures
Petitpoint purse from pattern in American Miniaturist in 1/12" scale.
Xacto rug chart stitched on 32 count silk gauze.  It is about 6-1/2" wide by 5" wide.
A rug on 40 count silk gauze for my daughter's baby bag.
6 Christmas stockings on 54 count silk gauze.  They are 1-1/4" long.  Patterns from Missy Boling,
Westie Christmas pillow adapted from full-size latchhook rug pattern.
Cottage pillow by Nicola Mascall:
Old patterns.
Pillows by Bobbi.
Nancy  Sturgeon's Kit
Pillow by Shelly Hawley-Yan
Pattern from
On the onlist Petitpointers group, Larry Marshall made those who were interested, these little caskets.  We petitpointed the pattern in Annelle Ferguson's needlework book.  The pattern had to be adapted because this casket was a different size than the one in the book.  So, I adapted the pattern on 48 count silk gauze.  The covered the casket with the petitpointed pieces, and covered the edges of trim.  It was a fiddledy-type project.  But, I finally got it finished.  It is a total of 1-1/4" tall.  I put a shiny metal mirror-type paper on the inside of the lid.  I'm not very happy with some of the design being skewed, but, what the heck, it's finished!
Front of Casket with Doors Closed
Front of Casket with Doors Open
Side 2 of the casket.
Side 1 of the casket.
Top of Casket.
Pictue of me holding the casket.
I started stitching the casket on 60 count and I thought the design would be too small on the casket, so I abandoned the pieces I had stitched.  After I had finished the casket, I took the pieces I had stitched on the 60 count to Chicago and found a little box that was the perfect size (it is a cigar box) and I attached my stitched pieces to it.  Here it is.
The peacock pattern is a Sharon Garmize pattern in Annelle Ferguson's Book Traditional Needlepoint in Miniature.
The pillows below are a Hollyhock pillow from Missy Bolen, the cats pillow is a pattern by Shelly Hawley-Yan from American Miniaturist, and the dog pillow is a kit from Patricia Richards.
My Floss System
Rug from Venus Dodge Book
Critter Challenge from Petitpointers Yahoo Group
To see a rug fringing tutorial.
Russian Dolls for gifts & my needlework shop.
Footstool made from Annelle's Ferguson's book for my needlwork shop.
Bedspread in my Master Bedroom of my large dollhouse.  This was a first piece of miniature stitching that I designed.  It was made to look like a quilt I made for our "real life" bed.
These were cross-stitched for my dollhouse using 40 count linen.
Cross stitch in frame stitched on 40 count linen.
Cross stitch silhouettes - pattern by Judy Ohanian.
This rug was cross stitched from a pattern in the Just Cross Stitch magazine on small count linen (sorry I don't remember the count).  You could use the outside border as a picture frame.
Cross stitch sampler on  linen.
Cross stitch quilt in frame in sewing room.
Cross stitch quilt on wall in sewing room.
Real life "Stitcher" & "Quilter" designs stitched on small count linen to go into the dollhouse.
These two rugs are from Anna-Carin's website: The bedroom rug was adapted from one of her patterns.  She has great patterns and they are charted for 1/4" scale and smaller and they are free.  She also has bellpulls and lots of tutorials.  Go check it out.  These rugs are in my Quarter Scale "Lauren" house that was a class taught by Fred & Carolyn Stephenson.  To see more pictures, go to
The kitchen rug was from a pattern by a person on Petitpointers and I made up the rug at the bottom of the stairs and the rug in the upstairs hallway and the bathroom rugs.
I made up this quarter-scale dollhouse from a kit designed by Suzanne and Andrew Miniatures.  I made the rugs in this dollhouse using patterns from Anna-Carin's website.  There are two rugs in this house that I made for the house pictured above.  I loved those rugs and just had to use them in this house, too.
The two blue rugs are in the bathroom.
This rug is in the bedroom.  It is the same rug that I made for the bathroom, except in a different color,
I made cushions to match the rug.  This is the same rug that is in the Lauren house.
This rug in the dining room.  It is also a rug from Anna-Carin.
This a rug using the pattern from the Lauren house, except I added another bunch of cherries to get it the size that I needed.
If you'd like to see more pictures of this dollhouse, go to Quater Scale Suzanne & Andrew Dollhouse.