Other Mini Projects
This is a variation of a project from Netshell News by Joann Swanson.  I wanted it to fit in a dome, so I downsized it.  I made all the pumpkins and gourds.  The scarecrow is from her pattern.
This half-scale potting shed was made following the design of centerpieces at the Gateway Miniature Fair and since I didn't win one, I decided to make one.  The tiny hummingbird feeder was made by Chris Roberts, Roberts Miniville.  The cats decided to check it out when I was taking the picture.  What is it with cats and minis, anyway?
This book and magazine rack was a prototype for a workshop taught at the Gateway Miniature Fair, developed by Marian Oborsh and me.  The actual one taught did not have rope handles.  The upstairs represents an apartment over the Book shop and the back of the rack has the apartment entrance.
I made this roombox for my friend, Marieann, (several years ago) when she retired from speech pathology at an area school.  The bookcase is filled with books and teaching aids for speech pathology (taken from a speech pathology catalogue).  The table on the leftshows an audiometer I just made up because I had no idea what they really looked like, but it has dials and headphones.
I made this roombox for a friend's retirement.  He edited a magazine for social study teachers so I reduced copies of the cover of the magazines and included a reduced copy of the last issue he edited.  He is also a model train enthusiast so the box is wallpapered with train wallpaper and I included a model train layout on the table.  The bookcase holds several models of train engines.
Her desk has pictures of her husband, children and grandchildren and her must-have coffee and chocolate.  The gifts on the filing cabinet represent her retirement gifts.   Her certificate and awards hang on the wall and her retirement date is circled on the calendar.
Closeup of basket of gourds.
The "enchanted garden" scene was a class taught by Sue Ann Thwait (LadyBug) at the Gateway Miniature Fair. The little girl is reading a fairy book by Callie Brunelli and Pam Scott and another at her feet.  Sue made the little "acorn waif" at the bottom of the rose bush and the tiny fairy swinging from the grape arbor over the pond in the right picture.  The naked fairy in the top of the weeping willow is a creation of Lyn Trenary (Woodland Whispers).  There is also a fairy sitting on the trellis seat to the left of the little girl.
The little girl's bedroom pictured below was a workshop at the Gateway Miniature Fair.  The horse and the bike are Hallmark ornaments. 
The teddybears are waiting to celebrate the birthday party.  My friend, Fran Thies made the birthday cake and the panda bear.  The table & chairs were repainted to match the wallpaper above the chair rail and the bed/playhouse.  You can see inside the playhouse where there are bears.  Their table and chairs are also painted to match.
The bear box was a class taught by Vicki Metzger. 
The table and chair were gifts from a Kansas City show.  The bear cup with tulips was a gift from Mary Ellis.  The little bear in the pink suit is all crocheted.  The other bears and bunnies were gifts or made by me.
The roombox shown below was a Missouri State Day project several years ago.   The little girl in the enchanged garden was originally in this box.  The dolls are hand sculpted and were made by a St. Louis artisan many years ago.
Most of the items in this room were gifts and/or round tables from this State Day event.  The pictures sitting on the shelf on the right is of my mom and me.
One of the hutches from Michaels with a crackle finish.
This is a centerpiece that I made for the October 2002 dinner/auction at the miniature show sponsored by the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis.  The "theme" was Old-Time Radio. 

Chris Roberts made all the radio shapes and the base and each board did their own "decorating."  Mine is of a couple listening to the old-time radio (I made the mini radio).
When my niece, Linda, was visiting in February of 2005, I showed her a little mug I found with her husband's name (Byron).  She was so taken with the mug that we got a simple little scene together using a Dollar Tree table and chair with the mug, newspaper.  I found this little cosmetic box in my stash of stuff and used it to "house" the  table setting.  My sister brought me the box from the thrift shop where she volunteers.  Motto:  Save Everything!
This "Spell Book" is a Hallmark candy container that I bought in the Fall of 2005.  I finally got around to doing something with it for Halloween 2006.  The organ is a Chrysnbon kit and the mummy made with pipe cleaners, cotton balls, and gauze.  The Halloween rug was a gift in on online swap and the skeleton is an earring.  The other do-dads were things I'd collected.
Since this was designed for a candy dish, the inside cover has a poem that indicates that.  I changed the poem by inserting part of the one that was inside the Michael's book and changed the last part.
I had 2 friends that had "milestone" birthdays in 2006 and I wanted to do a little something to commemorate their "big" days, so I made birthday hutches using the hutches from Michaels. .  Each hutch has a birthday cake with their name on it, wrapped gifts and family pictures.
A friend gave me this little bathroom roombox because she moved and didn't want to use it in her bathroom anymore.  However, the wallpaper and flooring and little drape across the top were the wrong color for my bathroom, so I took it apart and re-papered and changed the drapery color.  The fixtures are all resin and were screwed and glued into the back of the room, so I had to unscrew everything, pry everything out, and then put everything back.  I then added the Westie, the Tuxedo cat, and found a long-haired cat to represent our Main Coon cat to represent our animals.
I made these 3 little quarter-scale houses out of Michael's boxes that aren't available any more.  Drat!  They turn out so cute.  I made these as gifts for Christmas.  The graphics are from SmallandSmallerAdventures online group: (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SmallAndSmallerAdventures/).  The graphic were designed for a one-door cabinet, so I cut out the graphics from the background and glued them onto the painted house.

This is a Mary Englebreit-style house.                                      The inside of the house.
The sink has dishes and bubbles.
This house is a pink summer house.  The graphics were made by copying a gift bag that was available a few years ago.  The little dollhouse was included with the graphics.
This house is a Raggedy Ann & Andy house.  The graphics on the furniture was included with the house graphics and was supposed to go on furniture patterns that were included, however, I used them on the brown plastic furniture that I spray painted.

This sink was an old BPF sink that had the hole for the water.  So, I added plates and beads for suds.
I bought the Halloween house from True2Scale and decided to make a skeleton table and put the house on the skeleton's skull.  My husband put red lights in the skull to shine out of it's eyes.  I bought the box to put it in at the museum's garage sale.  Perfect.
This picture shows the tabletop so you can see the Halloween candy, cupcakes, candy apples and the mice.
The pumpkins and the squash are from Barb Lewis, 5th Street Studio.