Pasta Dinner In a Pasta Tin
I had this pasta tin with a window for some time.  I found a Reutters porcelain pasta dinner and decided this had to go into the pasta tin.  Since there was very little room in the pasta tin once I had the room insert made, I only had space for the little Chrysbon shelf unit that I put the rest of the dinner on:  cheese and crackers, salad and bread, and cannoli.

I found a wallpaper border online that had grapes with a light background that matched the wallpaper and printed it off  for the room. 

My husband lighted the little room for me and made a false ceiling out of acrylic.  
I made the wreath with grape clusters made out of holeless beads.  The scene that is framed on the right wall I got from a wallpaper mural site.
Here is the dinner scene in the pasta tin.