2005 Photo Abum - January Through August
January - Fay & Julie's Birthday Party
Enjoying the delicious birthday cake Carla made for Fay & Julie.
Fay & her RED stuff!
Kira & Jaden having fun with Fay's RED stuff.
Julie & Birthday Cat!
February 11 - Linda's Visit to Tony's House
Kira's Hair-Raising Experience!
February 13 - Linda's Visit
February 9 - Linda's Visit
February 10 - Olivia Grace Wentz is Born
Waiting & Waiting & Waiting!
Seeing Mom one more time!
We get to see Olivia for the very first time in Recovery!
Julie & Olivia, all freshened up and looking good!
March 6 - Olivia's Baptism
At Church before Baptism
The proud parents.
Olivia and her Godfather, Tony.
Grandpa Joe & Big Sister, Kathryn,
Grandma Wentz & Aunt Sally.
Big Sisters, Rebecca & Jess, and Jessica 2 (friend).
Party at Zerbolio's House
Cake made by Grandma Fay.
Grandma Fay & Olivia.
Olivia & Grandpa Joe.
Aunt Judy gets to hold Olivia.
Mommy & Olivia.
Uncle Len.
Pastor & Joe.
Daddy & Olivia.
Aunt Sally & Olivia.
Herself in outfit from Aunt Carla & Uncle Tony, her Godparents.
Aunt Sally & the Grandmas.
Grandma Wentz & Olivia.
Visiting the Easter Bunny at the Mall
At the Mall playground.
Riding the carousel.
March 30 - Olivia Visits
Kathryn & Jaden have a combined 3rd birthday party on May 1, along with Jessica's Confirmation Party.  To see these pictures, visit Jaden & Kathryn's Birthday Party.

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