2007 Photos
February - Olivia's 2nd Birthday
The group went to the Aquarium in the City Museum for the birthday party and came back to Grandma & Grandpa Z's house for dinner and another birthday party.  Laura came in from Florida for a visit on the weekend and helped celebrate Olivia's birthday.
The invitation.
Cake for the Aquarium Party
Cake for the Family Party
People at the Party!
Olivia Blowing Out the Candles!
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February - Penny Update
Penny was a year old the end of January.  A friend recently gave her a sweater and after FINALLY managing to get it on her, she ran to the door and wanted OUT.  She stood by the gate and wanted to go for a walk.  Well, she had on the sweater!!!  She enjoyed her outing in her new outfit -- just like a girl!  After that, anytime I want her to come inside to get on her collar to go for a walk, all I have to do is hang the sweater out the door and in she runs.

She definitely loves the outside and STILL digs in the yard.  After a recent rain, she received several washings of her face and feet.
Easter was a little chilly this year, but it didn't stop the Easter egg hunt from going on as usual.
Jaden's 5th Birthday Party
Jaden is really into Superheros and loves "Ben 10" a boy character who fights aliens.  I made 2 cakes for Jaden--one for the "Kid" party and one for the family party.  I used little Ben 10 plastic characters for cake that he could play with later.  The photo on the right shows the characters a little better.
The family party cake had additional Ben 10 characters.  I put on a tree to add a bit to the "terrain" feel of the cake.
People at the party!
Playing in the Yard!
Time to Open Gifts!
Ninja Turtle Dress Up Set!
Brigit as Ninja Turtle!