January 2008
Our 50th Wedding Anniversary.
Tony, Carla and the kiddos took us out for our 50th wedding anniversary.  They took us out to eat at Spiros - our local Greek restaurant.  It was a wonderful evening.  My sister was in town, so she joined us.
Grandpa taught Jaden how to made a fork sculpture! 
Kira with her missing teeth!
Grandpa acting silly with Jaden!.
The happy couple!
Kathryn's Fun Day At School
February 10, Olivia's 3rd Birthday Party
Olivia had a family party - making pizza, opening gifts, eating cake.  Her theme was "Hello Kitty" and she wore a Hello Kitty shirt.  I made her cake to match the party napkins.  A fun time was had by all!
Time for Cake!
She loves her caterpiller.
Early March - 11" Snowfall
On March 3, St. Louis had an 11" snowfall.  On the 5th, I watched Kathryn and Olivia and they wanted to play outside in the snow.  So, while they played, I took some pictures (from inside the house) - chicken, that I am.  Penny had a good time playing with the kids in the snow.