Visiting the Easter Bunny - March 17
We all met at the Mills playground.  The kids played on the playground for a while before we went to see the Easter Bunny.
Then we got in line to see the Easter Bunny.
At last!
A fun time was had by all - except maybe the Easter Bunny!
Easter at Grandma & Grandpa Z's
Here are the kids at Easter with their Easter baskets and hunting eggs at the Z's.  They had to hunt eggs in the house because we had snow on Easter.  It actually flurried several times during the day.  Then the sun would shine.
Jaden's & Kathryn's Family Birthday Party 2008
Jaden's cake was a "Star Wars" cookie and Kathryn's cake was "Happy Feet."  So,  I made them their own cake, and we had separate plates and decorations.  It was just a family party since the kids parties were going to be on Saturday and Sunday.
Carla playing with her food!
Opening Gifts!
Time for Cake!
The guys putting together Olivia's coaster.
Mother's Day 2008
The kids spent a long time looking for caterpillers outside.  Even Olivia, the littlest one, loved it.  They even took them home.
Penny loves it when the little kids are here.  She loves to play with them outside. 
All the Moms!  We just recently found out that our daughter is pregnant with her first child.  She is due late October.  We'll be seeing her and her boyfriend over Memorial Day.  So, pictures will soon be appearing.  We are all looking forward to this great event!
May - Grandparents' Day at Kira & Jaden's School
Since my sister was her for Mother's Day, she went with us to Grandparents' Day.  Joe went to Jaden's classroom and Sally & I went to Kira's classroom.  We all met up for our pictures together.  A fun time was had by all.
Grandpa holding the kids upside down when we had our pictures taken.