April 2016
In April, we celebrated Jaden's 14th birthday.  Where have the years gone? 
Yummy tacos.
Crazy relatives.
Opening gifts.
Birthday Cookie
Kira's Unbirthday Present
May 2016
May has lots of birthdays -- Joe, Sally and Julie's daughters, Kathryn, Jessica and Rebecca.  Rebecca and Jessica weren't here, but we celebrated Kathryn/s, Joe's and Sally's birthdays.
Linda, our niece and my first daughter (as I call her) came for a visit.  I only took a few pictures while she was here.  Don't know why.  Just didn't.
We had lots of desserts.
Sally is 98, Joe is 79 and Kathryn is 14
Opening gifts.
The unbirthday gifts.
A fun birthday party for the May birthday people.

Previous Pictures

June Pictures.
While she was here, we went to tea at the London Tea Room.  Yum!