January 2017
In January, Linda, my niece from California, came to help us celebrate our 59th wedding anniversary and my 80th birthday.  We had a wonderful time during her visit (we always do).
We had a wonderful time at my birthday dinner.  Our dear friends, Judy and Len came to help us celebrate after she had a health problem.  Thanks goodness, everything turned out fine and we had more reasons to celebrate.
My son brought these beautiful roses by for our anniversary.  Thank you Tony, Carla, Kira, and Jaden.
The flowers on the left were from Linda and my daughter, Laura.  The flowers on the right I received from my nephew from Californa, Ven, and his wife Claudia.  Thanks for the beautiful flowers, everyone.

Two of my beautiful grandchildren, Shane and Kira.  Jaden was sick and couldn't be with us.
Linda, with Len and Judy.
Our group, except for my daughter, who took the picture.  A wonderful celebration.
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