Quarter Scale Kitchen In Toaster
My husband and I made the tables and chairs, the toaster, and the utility cart using patterns  from Little Enough News.   The table legs, chair frame, and utility cart frame are all made from paper clips.  Notice the bread and butter on the plate next to the toaster.   I ordered the cabinets, stove, refrigerator, and sink from Luci Hanson (Hanson Minis).  The space is so limited in this little toaster that I have several cabinets left over from the kitchen set for a future project.

The lower right picture shows the true colors since it was taken outside in natural light.  However,  the cherry pie wasn't on the stove in that photo.
This toaster was made to hold a scrubby pad.  It is 3-3/4" high, 4-1/2" high, and the opening is 2-1/4" deep.  I've included a picture of it "in hand" so you can see the size more readily.
There is a pot of beef stew cooking on the back burner of the stove.  The glass coffeepot was made from instructions from Pam Scott, originator of Little Enough News and Pam Scott Miniatures.  The glasses on the utility cart are metallic colored beads.

The teapot and the dishes on the table were purchased from BJ Minis.