Vet Gift Bag
I made this gift bag for the daughter of a dear friend who is a veterinarian and married a veterinarian.  They have their own practice in Ferguson, MO (a suburb of St. Louis, MO).   A friend found me this great giftbag for the little room.  The bag is called "Raining Cats & Dogs."
The picture on the left shows the back of the bag.  For the front opening, I cut around the roof and sidewalk of the house, leaving the shapes of the animals intact.  The border of the room was a piece of patchwork fabric I copied and reduced.  The sign above the border on the back wall is their business card that I printed on a clear label.
All the wall pictures/plaques are all reductions of the things they have hanging on the wall of their clinic.
View of the right wall and right corner.  Their licenses are reduced as are the business signs.  The pictures on the shelf unit are of Julie's folks, her and Dan, and their two girls.  Some of the labels and bags I made by scanning the label itself and adjusting the size and glued to pieces of dowel rods, and the others are photos of the cans themselves that I glued to the dowels.
The left side of the room has the magazine rack made from Jet Dry dishwasher rinse baskets.  I took photos of the magazines they sell in the clinic.  Dan is a reptile specialist, so I included a few lizards.  The salamander cage sitting on the floor is made by Barbara Ann Meyer.  The animal cages I made using little plastic-hinged boxes in the open position.  I used netting painted silver for the screening.  I glued netting on all the sides of the boxes to keep the look of kennel cages.
Top view of gift bag.