Baby Gift Bags
I made the gift bag below for my nephew's new baby's (John Alan) Christening.  I started with the same bag that my sister used for her granddaughter's baby's shower gift, but personalized it for them with their wedding picture and John Alan's picture.  I also made up a Christening Certificate with his name, date and place of Christening.  The little rocking horse (you can hardly see--he is in the lower left corner of the bag) was a roundtable kit from the Louisville NAME Convention.  I reduced the invitation and it is on the little table next to the baby bottle.  The Jack-In-The-Box was a tote bag favor from the 1997 National NAME Convention in Kansas City, MO.
The nursery gift bag shown below was made for a friend's daughter's baby shower on Sept. 29, 2001.  The bedding for the baby's room is printed with baby chicks -- so I did a "chick" theme for the bag.  I found a bag with a chick pull doll border.  I scanned this border to make the wallpaper border and chair rail in the room.  The striped wallpaper was printed from a printables site on the internet.  I found the wire wicker baby buggy, rocker, and shelf at Big Lots.  I had the pastel baby "quilt" fabric and the colors tied in with the bag, so I made the baby buggy mattress and quilt, and the rocker pad.
The cross-stitched wall hanging is a miniature copy of one I made for that baby's room in "real life."  I miniaturized a picture of the soon-to-be parents and it is on the left side of the bag.  The picture frame in a miniaturized version of a "real" frame with the mom's & dad's baby pictures on each side with the baby picture in the center to be the new baby's picture.   After I took the pictures, I added a dog to represent their dog--but the mom-to-be says the dog WON'T be allowed in the nursery.
I made a "Baby Shower Book" for the shower which included pictures of the mom and dad throughout their childhood and pages for each shower guest to write their "words of wisdom" for the new parents.  I miniaturized the book cover for the gift bag and it is sitting on the shelf in front of the picture frame.
Below is another nursery giftbag I made for a friend's baby shower (the same gal I made the Vet Bag for) in March 2002.  She chose the John Lennon bedding (the same as my daughter-in-law).  I found a small Lennon giftbag.  I scanned the bag and scaled down the design to use as wallpaper in the giftbag.  I also printed the same design on computer fabric and used it for the mattress in the baby buggy and the rocker seat cushion and backing.  I printed out the quilt on the buggy from a photo on the bedding package.  The wire furniture in this bag came from the Dollar Tree.  I embellished the buggy hood with lace and pink bows on each side.
There is a tiny pacifier and rattle in the buggy.  The shelf unit has a mini of the memory baby book that I made for the shower, tiny baby booties made of bunka, a lamp made from beads, books made by scanning the cover of real books.   The little pictures in the round frames (shown in above right  photo) are of the new baby girl's big sisters when they were little.  The picture of the new baby girl (Kathryn Rose) will be replaced with her real picture when she is born.  The picture on the right wall (shown in the below right photo) are of the family at Christmas.  Her big sisters are 13 and 10.
The below left photo shows the mini duplicate of the cross-stitched birth announcement I made for Kathryn Rose in "real size."  When we know her birthdate and weight, I will add that to the real size announcement as well as the mini one.  The photo on the below right is a top view of the gift bag.
This gift bag was made for a friend's son & daughter-in-law's new baby boy, Maxwell.  I used a simple blue bag because Max's room has blue and green walls and denim and green bedding.  I covered the chair to represent a glider in his room.  At the baby shower, we had a Red Rider wagon filled with baby gifts, so I put the little wagon in his bag. 
My friend took a picture of the quilt and I scanned it and printed it on fabric.  I used the same technique to make the pillow in the cradle. 
I put Mom & Dad's wedding picture on the right wall of the room.  They have a dalmation and I included Lucki's picture (cause they have his picture in the nursery).  Max was a premie and the picture with his dad's hand was taken when he wasborn.  Also on the table is a reduced copy of the birth announcement.
The "Maxwell" picture is a reduced replica of one my friend had made for Max's room, and the stitched birth announcement is a photo of one my friend stitched.
There are toys, diapers, and a dalmation to represent their dog, Lucki.
These next two gift bags were made for friends' new and soon-to-be born grandchildren.  I used the same furniture in both bags, but I painted one set brown since the furniture in one baby's room is dark while the other was white.
Ryan's Gift Bag
The birth announcement is a miniature of one that my friend is making for her grandson.  The pictures are of the baby, Ryan, his big sister, Lindsay, and the parents.  All the wall hangings are replicas of things in his "real" room.
I made the quilt and bumper pads by scanning a photo and printing on fabric.  The cushion on the rocker is similar to their glider.  The braided rug is also printed on fabric to match one in Ryan's room.
Kris's Shower Gift Bag
This shower gift bag for a soon-to-be born baby boy is made in a denim-looking giftbag.  Kris collects bears and so there are lots of bears in this bag and Winnie The Pooh books.  The bedding is also printed on fabric from a photo of the "real" bedding, dust ruffle, bumper bads, and window valance.
The birth announcement over the shelf unit is a miniature version of one being stitched by my friend for her new grandson.  The picture on the right wall is Kris & Jason's wedding picture.  The mobile is a "classic" Winnie The Pooh similar to the they want in the baby's room.
Christy's Baby Gift Bag
Maxwell's Gift Bag
John Alan's Gift Bag
Sarah's Gift Bag
Kathryn's Gift Bag
My daughter's best friend from high school is expecting a baby in November 2004.  For her baby shower, I made this gift bag.  I thought the bag was perfect for a little girl and found some heart wallpaper and used the wire furniture that I've used in LOTS of the gift bags.  The picture on the wall is Christy & Sam's wedding picture.  But, you guessed that. 
Olivia Grace's Baby Gift Bag
Olivia Grace is the baby sister to Kathryn Rose (whose baby bag is shown above).  Olivia was born February 10th, and pictures of her and her family are posted in the 2005 Photos Album.  I made this giftbag as a gift for her Christening on March 6. 
I found this cute little gift bag to use for Olivia's room.  The crib is the wire crib I've used before.  Thanks goodness I bought several of them when they were available.  The wire shelf and rocker is also the wire furniture I've used many times.  I used some pastel block fabric for the crib sheet, blanket and rocker cushions, and added lace on the bottom of the crib to make it more feminine.
The little table is one of the "pizza" tables.  I made a cover for it using the same fabric.  There is a picture of Olivia and a baby rattle on the table.
The little wall shelf holds a couple of toys and a little pink bear mirror, that was a gift from my friend, Louise Levitt.
The right side of the bag has a picture of Olivia's family, Dan, Julie, Rebecca, Jessica, and Kathryn.  The shelf unit has toys, a baby gift, and a baby bottle.  The toy horse with a pink mane sits next to the rocker and there is a box of diapers for baby girls.
On the left is the baby announcement that I stitched for Olivia.  It is stitched with beads (which you can't see in this photo).  There is a little baby shoe charm under her name.
This is a miniature of the wallhanging that I put in the gift bag.  I scanned the real one, reduced the size, and printed it on fabric.  I glued on holeless beads to correspond to the real one.