Carla wanted a Boston Cream Pie for her birthday.  The birthday candle holder I found and I thought it was cute so I used that to hold her birthday candle.
Singing "Happy Birthday" to Carla.
Carla's Birthday
A fun time was had.  Too much festivity for Kira, I guess.
We celebrated the October birthdays, Tony & Kira.  Unfortunately, Shane wasn't with us to celebrate his birthday.  We'll see them for Thanksgiving.

Tony & Kira shared a cake  His candles say "47" and she has 14 candles.  I can't believe she is 14 already.
Shane and Laura went to a wedding.  Here is a picture of them for the rehearsal and then Shane all dressed up for the wedding.  Isn't he handsome!!
Tony & Kira's Birthdays
Kira Opening Gifts
She actually WANTED Converse Black Hi-Tops tennis shoes.
The other three kiddos received their unbirthday gifts from us.   The girls (including Kira) got a crystal heart necklace, and Jaden got a skull cap. 
Tony Opening Gifts

He received a trailor hitch cover for the trailer hitch and bike carrier that we got him for his birthday. He couldn't figure out what it was for.  Neither could Jim.  Dan & Julie gave him some artisan beer.
Everyone had a fun time at their birthday party.  Even Ziggy.
Everyone had a fun time at their birthday party.  Even Ziggy.

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