Boy's Bedroom
I made the drapes and dressed the bed for this room.  This bedroom represents interests of our son during his growing up years.  There is a train layout on the small table on the right and hanging above it are framed butterfly and rock collections.  There is a shell collection to go above the bed (not framed as of yet).  My husband made the dresser and the bookcase in this room.
I made the clothes in the closet and no, the blue thing hanging on the left ISN'T a dress, it is a bathrobe.  The tennis shoes are from The Doll's Cobbler.
The table was hand carved by Leo Fallert.  My husband and I made the fishtank.  To the left of the fishtank is a real geode and a fish fossil (closeup in middle).  The pictures above the table are of my son.
The backpack and canteen on the rocker represents the years he spent as a cub scout and boy scout. The afghan on the rocker was a gift from Judy Campanella. The collection of hard hats hanging to the right of the rocker represents the hats my son had when he was little--he loved hats. The kite on the bed was a gift from Stephanie Stith and the sweater I knitted from a kit by Amy Doucette (Handworks).  The little cat on the floor at the corner of the bed is by Mary Hoot.   The assembled Tinker Toy was a round table at the 2000 National.
This is an updated picture showing 3 Star Wars dolls that I picked up at the Bellevelle, IL, miniature show.  They were so cute, I just had to add them to my boy's room.  My son loved Star Wars!
This shell collection hangs over the bed.  I made it using shells I had purchased.  I fell in loe with the little sea horse and sand dollar.