Entry Hall
The pictures is this area are of me, my sister, brother, parents, and grandparents.  The 3 pictures on the left wall are wedding pictures of us, my sister, and my parents.  The picture on the lower right is of my brother and me, the center is me, and the one to the left is my sister and me. The rose arrangement was a gift from Mary Ellis.
The dog waiting at the front door represents our dog Mitzie who passed away last year.  My husband made the front door, the leaded windows and all the trim around the arches throughout the house.  He also made the stairway and the edges of the stairs are covered with tiny pieces of trim so the end grain of the stairs do not show.  All of the ceiling fixtures in the house are really antique saltcellars.
Close up of family pictures.  Most of these same pictures hang on our own stairwell.  My husband's niece and nephew lived with us for several years and their pictures are to the left and our children are to the right.  Our son was married July 1999.
I stitched the sampler from a pattern in Cross Stitch & Country Crafts magazine.  I made the dogwood in a class taught by Jo Old.
I stitched this rug on silk gauze from a kit developed by Cookie Ziemba.