Living Room
This is an overall picture of the living room.  You can't really see the wood floor in this picture but the flooring runs diagonal in this room, parallel with the fireplace.  All the floors in my house have individual pieces of wood about 1/4" wide.  My husband cut the flooring from redwood 2x4s and they are very very thin.  Since he is a "wood guy," the floors are as smooth as glass.  He also milled the trim for the arches from one piece of wood with a opening to slip over the arch opening.  The wood work in this house is a beautiful example of his way with wood.

I have been collecting glass objects for YEARS and several pieces are in this room.  The two small cases on the wall by the archway has very tiny glass pieces, as do the shelves on the cabinet beneath them.  There is another case on the right wall above the tiered table filled with colored pieces (photo below).  Also, there are several pieces of cranberry glass scattered around.  I made the wingback chairs in a class taught many years ago by a St. Louis miniaturist, Linda Weber, but my husband carved the legs for me.  The couch, occasional chair and the two small chairs were inexpensive furniture that I reupholstered.
My husband made the fireplace and  created a flickering fire using LEDs and timed the lighting sequence for maximum "flicker."  I stitched the Victorian houses on 40 count linen.
Most of the glass figurines were made by  Steve Murphy, The Glassblowers Workshop.  The cranberry glass was purchased by The Wild Orchid and Tiny Treasures.   The top shelf of the three-tier table shown below the colored glass figures is a tiny, tiny bird by Mary McGrath.  The picture of the other two shelves of this table are shown below.
I stitched the silhouettes from a Nutshell News Plans book--designed by Judith Ohanian.  The lady figurine is by Jack Cashmere and the glass figurine is by Steve Murphy.  The wine-colored footed bowl is a wood turning by Darrell Williams.
This small carpet in front of the fireplace was stitched on 26 count cross-stitch fabric from a pattern in Just Cross Stitch.
I stitched this 40 count silk gauze carpet in 1990 using a kit designed by Leslie Pinkston.
This picture shows the bottom two shelves of the three-tier table in the living room. 

The lady figurines on the bottom two shelves  and were made by Jack Cashmere. 
Close up of sofa sitting in bay window.  We have a bay window in our "real" house also, but it isn't in the living room, it is in the dining room.  Since the kitchen also has a bay window and we didn't want two bay windows in the back of the dollhouse, we put the dollhouse bay window in the living room.  The wine glasses await the grownups, as do the beautiful tarts from Diminutive Delicacies by Mary.
The plant stand and plants shown in the above left picture was originally in the dining room.  Now, it is in the living room shown in the above right picture.  The plant stand was hand carved by Leo Fallert from Saint Genevieve, MO.  The jade plant and the aloe vera were made by an artist in CO and sold by Dawn's Minis in the 1980s.  The bellpull on the wall I stitched from a kit by Kathy Leonard, KL Miniatures.
The above picture shows the living room fireplace area decorated for Christmas.  The picture below is a closeup of the mantle with the mini Santa collection.
The picture below shows the new cabinet for my cranberry glass collection that I placed in the living room and moved the small shelf unit to the dining room in July 2004.  The other pictures shows a shot of the living room with the new cabinet.
To see other pictures of the Christmas decorations, go to Dollhouse Christmas Decorations.
An updated picture showing the stitched glass case with glasses.  This was a gift from my friend, Marian Oborsh.  It is sitting on the desk in the living room.