Front Yard
Bay window of the living room..
Front door is to right of the tree pictured at left.
Front door, looking in, house lit
Barbara Ann Meyer's owl.  I just HAD to have it!
Tree in  front yard with bed of hostas.  White 'dot' in tree is owl pictured at left.  The little tiny 'dot' on the right branch below the bend is a woodpecker, pictured below left.
Back bay kitchen window.   I made the tulips surrounding the bay window.  Barbara Ann Meyer made the bird feeders hanging at the bay window and the bird on the windowsill.  The feeder you can't see too well on the right is a hummingbird feeder, complete with hummingbird. The puppy getting a bath was a gift from a friend, Marian Oborsh.
Back Yard
I made the lilacs by the back door following instructions in Nutshell News.
Barbara Ann Meyer's woodpecker.
Squirrel sitting on front porch.
Another view of the front door, looking in at entry hall.
The picture at the left is the right section of the back yard.  There are more of Barbara Ann Meyer's bird and birdfeeders hanging in the 'redbud' tree.  There are also several of her birds on the ground below the feeders.  Can you tell I love her birds?