Music Room
An overall view of the music room.  The organ is a Chrysnbon kit.  The piano is a a kit, but we "strung" the piano.  The cane sofa and settee are kits from Jackie Deiber.  The piano, flute and violin were played by my daughter and my son played the piano, violin, and string bass.  My husband plays the mandolin.  The Siamese cat on the floor by the settee is by Barbara Myers and represents 2 Siamese cats we have owned.
The rug and seat covers were stitched from a pattern book by June Grigg.  I adapted the pattern for the valance and used colors to coordinate with the wallpaper.  The violin was included with the piano kit.  My husband made the violin case using  paper mache  around a mold he made from plastic in the shape of the violin.
This is a updated picture showing the samplers that are now hanging on he wall and the saxaphone that I added to the music room.