1" Scale Dollhouse
I refer to this dollhouse as my "big house" because it stands on a 12" high specially-built table and is over 6' tall.  It has a turntable built in the table so it can be turned.  My husband designed and built this dollhouse and it was 20 years in the making.  Without the skill and ingenuity of my husband, this would never have started, much less completed.  We bought the wood for the house in 1980 and moved it out of the basement in summer of 1999.  In the 70s when we were planning this dollhouse, roomboxes weren't being done, and it HAD to include a music room, solarium, study, sewing room, basement, etc.--which explains its size.  Had I realized it would take us so long to get it finished, it may never have been started.  This is an example of "ignorance is bliss."

We worked on it in fits and starts over the years, but mostly it sat around.  The last few months of completion were intensive for my husband because he invented and implemented the wiring system.  Over the years, I collected, stitched, and completed kits during those non-building periods.  When the house finally moved upstairs it was furnished and decorated in a matter of hours.  Of course, it will NEVER be totally finished because I have plans to stitch more rugs, wall hangings, etc.

Follow the links to each area of the dollhouse.
Right Side
Left Side
Front and Back Yards
Entry Hall
Living Room
Dining Room
Pantry & Powder Room
Boy's Bedroom
Girl's Bedroom
2nd Floor Hall & Bath
Master Bedroom
3rd Floor Hall & Bath
Music Room
Sewing Room
Me & My House
I included the picture of me with my dollhouse to give you an idea of its size.  For some reason the brick looks distorted in the pictures on the left. 
Doll House Christmas Decorations