June 2 - Jaden Anthony's Christening

May 25 -- Grandpa Z's Birthday
The two babies -- Kathryn Rose, born May 2, 2002 & Jaden Anthony, born April 28, 2002
May 19 - Kathryn Rose's Christening
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May 2 - Kathryn Rose Wentz is Born

Julie and her sister are daughters of a very dear friend who passed away a few years ago.  In addition to being very dear to our family, she and her husband Dan are our vets.  Kathryn was a long-awaited baby sister for Rebecca and Jessica.
Rebecca & Jessica meet Kathryn!
Daddy and the girls get some Kathryn time!
The Wentz family and Len, Kathryn's godfather!
Party at the Zerbolio's House
Christening cake and table centerpieces.  To see more pictures of the giftbag, go to Giftbags and scroll down the page.
Christening Party at the Lenzini's House
Carla openings Jaden's Nursery Bag.  To see more pictures go to Jaden's Bag.
2002 Family Pictures - May & June