Welcome to Fayzer's Place.  I'm Fay Zerbolio from St. Louis, MO and want to share my interests and hobbies with you.  I call my website Fayzer's Place because since my marriage 60+ years ago people hear my name as Fayzer Bolio.  This has caused lots of laughs over the years and what better name could I create?

My hobbies include dollhouse miniatures, cross-stitching,  crafting, reading, and "computing."   These are all great hobbies individually, but even better when these interests can be combined into the Wonderful World of Miniatures.  I have a separate page for my Christmas cross stitch projects because I go a little crazy with Christmas decorating (a LOT crazy according to my husband). This will be obvious if you look at Collections  because I collect pieces of the Department 56 villages and have lots and lots of SantasHallmark ornaments and other stuff.  

I am involved with a group in St. Louis (Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis) that opened to the public in June 2001.  Go to the museum's website  to learn more about the museum, the building renovation, pictures of our collection.  You can also go to the museum Facebook page to see photos.

I've included a family page with photos and things of interest to family and friends.  To see the family photo albums, follow the links to the left.

So, look around and let me know what you think. Follow the links to find your way around Fayzer's Place.

I discontinued my Guestbook because of unpleasant messages left about my family by a person too cowardly to respond with an e-mail address.  If you wish to comment on my web pages, please e-mail me at FZerb@aol.com.

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Shane got to go into the cockpit on the airplace.  Does he look excited?  Yeah! 
Shane got to go into the cockpit on the airplace.  Does he look excited?  Yeah! 
Shane got to go into the cockpit on the airplace.  Does he look excited?  Yeah! 
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