2006 Pictures
January - Julie's Surprise 40th Birthday Party
Julie's 40th Birthday Cake
The cake is on fire!
Julie blows out ALL those candles in one try!  The smoke alarm didn't even go off!
Julie gets help opening her gifts!
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Fay's Birthday at Carla & Tony's House
Aunt Sally sent Jaden & Kira winter caps and, of course, they had to try them on.
February - Olivia's 1st Birthday Party
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Visiting the Easter Bunny
Kira, Jaden, Olivia, and Kathryn all visit the Easter Bunny -- even Grandma Fay (Kira took the picture!).
Pictures of our Penny, our new puppy--a West Highland Terrier.
The little kids with their Easter Bunnies from Grandma & Grandpa Z..
Doing the "egg" thing!
Jaden's 4th Birthday Party
"Jaden & The Chocolate Factory"
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Mom & dad created the Golden Ticket invitation attached to the chocolate bar.
The birthday boy with his "Jaden & the Chocolate Factory" shirt with his picture on the shirt with the movie characters.
Grandma Z. made the birthday cake with the chocolate river and cutouts of the characters from the movie.
Jaden even appeared on his birthday cake!
Jaden blows out the candles!.
Time to open gifts.
Darth Vader headgear.
Kira, Carla & Jaden (as Darth).
Kira (as Darth).
Kathryn's 4th Birthday Party
"Hello Kitty" Theme
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Kathryn & Her Cake
Party Decorations & Cake
Party was held at a gymnastic center.
Carla's Birthday Party
Kira's Graduation from Pre-School
Sally's Birthday Party
Laura's Trip Home
Tanya & Pete Visit
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More 2006 Photos . . .
Penny got in trouble after she got a roll of TP.

Bad Penny!

I actually just had to laught when I caught her in the act.
Penny gets into the TP.